The Trans-Afghanistan Oil Pipeline

In 1998, Union Oil Company of California (Unocal) representatives testified before the US congress. Unocal had a problem: they were having trouble getting the oil reserves from the areas north of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia to their other markets.

The high cabal of oilmen had a proposal for a pipeline that would transport oil south via a 42-inch pipeline thru Afghanistan to the Pakistani coast. The pipeline would carry about 1 million barrels of oil every day. The Rothschilds – owners of “Royal Dutch Shell” or “Shell” Oil Company, along with the Rockefellers – owners of the “Exxon/Mobil” oil company, had invested billions in the Kazakhstan oil and gas reserves North of Afghanistan. Now they wanted a pipeline to move all that oil to the Persian Gulf.

The US government initially had no problem with The Taliban – despite them overrunning cities, expelling thousands of girls from schools, bombing unarmed civilians, targeting different ethnic groups, restricting all rights of women by denying them education, health care, the right to work, and ordering them to completely cover themselves from head to toe in public. The US was fine with all of that shit as long as they got their oil pipeline, and the opium continued growing and flowing.

In 1997, the Taliban and Unocal had met in Texas to negotiate plans to build a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan. Future President George W. Bush was Governor of Texas at the time. A deal was made but later fell through. The Taliban wanted too big of a cut and would not finalize the deal – supposedly unless they were recognized as a regime.
The Taliban also then banned opium production in Afghanistan, and in 2001 they destroyed 95% of their opium crops. Opium production throughout the world soon hit an all time low.

Later that year Colin Powell announced that the United States would give them a 43 million dollar gift or a reward for such a good deed. That was $43 million that could now be used for whatever immoral purpose that the puppet handlers chose. This money was handed over to the Taliban, a known hostile and oppressive regime, which would ensure that things in the Middle East remained chaotic. The Taliban could then finance future atrocities that would later require US intervention. International banksters control both sides of the scripted “War on Terror” – as well as everything else.

Unocal told Congress that the pipeline couldn’t be built until Afghanistan had a single government. Unocal used the oppression of women’s rights as the problem with the pipeline proposal through Afghanistan. After this announcement the International Banker controlled media began calling the Taliban evil monsters and villains. In August of 2001 Taliban officials predicted that the US would Invade Afghanistan by Mid-October. The reason? A Possible response to a major attack inside the United States. This was about 5 weeks before 9/11.

The plan to invade Afghanistan was born after the Taliban banned opium distribution in Afghanistan, and Unocal backed out of the pipeline deal. The United States and Britain then lined up troops at the Afghan border and waited for some “catastrophic event” to happen. And that event came on September 11, 2001. Four weeks later the Taliban was overthrown by The US during “Operation Enduring Freedom.”

A deal on the oil pipeline was of course signed in 2002, after the defeat of the Taliban. This paved the way for the construction of a pipeline from the Central Asian republic through Afghanistan to Pakistan and then to India. Secretary of State Colin Powell said that US oil companies would be investing $200 billion for this pipeline – in just Kazakhstan alone. Is it just a coincidence that all the US bases being built after we conquer terrorism in the Middle East mirror the route of the oil pipeline to the Indian Ocean? If you look at a map of American bases you will find that they are completely identical to the route of the projected oil pipeline to the Indian Ocean.”

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✌~Luke Connor, We Didn’t Start The Fire

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