July 2012

As part of the celebration of Three Decades of Daring Deeds, long-time members of WAMM are being interviewed ab0ut WAMM’s beginnings.

Sarah Martin joined WAMM in 1983. Her first action was a day-long session about opposing nuclear weapons and empowerment. As an action that day, balloons with messages were released into the air.

Sarah then created an empowerment group of her friends to study and take action. She says that an organization that can stay vital for 30 years is remarkable. WAMM rises to the occasion. The women involved develop rigorous analysis of the work and are in the forefront of current issues. We have our male allies, but the wonderful creativity around issues and for actions is women-inspired. WAMM’s flexible committee structure allows for the influx of new issues organized by new or long-term members.

Sarah notes that WAMM has always understood the connections of militarism to systems of oppression. Over the years WAMM supported and took action around the Hormel strike, Native American fishing rights, and the Nurses strike, to name a few. More recently, after being among the first to come forward in 2010 to stand with them, WAMM has sustained support of antiwar activists in the Twin Cities targeted for dissent by the FBI. And, of course, WAMM continues to oppose military madness in all its forms.

You are invited to be part of this special 30th anniversary by joining Sarah and many others in celebrating Three Decades of Daring Deeds.

The Celebration Party
Three Decades of Daring Deeds
Sunday, July 22 , 2012    4:00 PM to 6:00 PM    Program at 5:00 PM
Suggested donation: anything with a 3 and a 0 in it! 
Carondelet Center Dining Room  (next to St. Catherine University)
1890 Randolph Avenue, St. Paul, MN  55105

All of us, friends, supporters and members, are who and what WAMM continues to be, so come celebrate us!  RSVP or reservations are not required.

We hope you can come to the party, but if you are unable to, please help WAMM continue acting for peace and for justice. Donate online by clicking here, mail your donation to the WAMM office, 310 E. 38th Street, Minneapolis MN 55409, or call the WAMM office at 612-827-5364.

People have always known as long as WAMM has been there, they could count on us. And, in a violent world, WAMM will continue as a strong presence for peace with your help.

We can’t do it without you. Thank you!

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