Nygaard Notes #509: The Voter Empowerment Act

  • These are real problems, in contrast with the non-problem of “voter fraud” that is offered as justification for the unprecedented attack on voting rights that is underway in this country, and about which I have been reporting for the past several months.

  • As Georgia Congressman John Lewis pointed out recently, “Since the beginning of last year, 176 bills have been introduced in 41 states making it more difficult for people to participate in the democratic process.”

  • Suppress the Vote!

Jeff Nygaard, Nygaard Notes

Submitted by David Culver

There are some real problems with voting in the United States, and there are some not-real problems. The not-real problems are voter impersonation and voter fraud. They happen so rarely that we don’t need to worry about them. The real problems have to do with people NOT voting. One reason that the U.S. has very low rates of voting by eligible voters is that many people don’t bother to vote. That’s a problem. Another reason is that there are many obstacles that get in the way when people try to vote. That second reason is what this issue (#509) of Nygaard Notes is all about.

Full story…


Suppress the Vote! Dahlia Lithwick, Slate Magazine

  • Ohio Republicans want to disqualify voters’ ballots for the mistakes poll workers make.

  • GOP War on Voting Targets Swing States

  • Florida Telling Hundreds of Eligible Citizens They Are Ineligible to Vote

  • Policy Brief on the Truth About “Voter Fraud” Analysis

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