Photos of Journalist Abuse and Arrests at the NATO Summit

by Josh Stearns  May 21, 2012   Storify

  1. I spent the weekend tracking reports of press suppression and journalist arrests in Chicago at the rallies, marches and protests surrounding the NATO summit. See more photos and videos here.

  2. AmberLyon

    Pic: photojournalist injured during today’s protests #NONATO

     Amber Lyon    2 days ago    ReplyRetweet

  3. OccupyOregon

    2nd pic of Chicago Police arresting photographer Joshua Lott at NATO protests: @khalidkhan787 #journarrest #noNATO

     Occupy Oregon    2 days ago    ReplyRetweet


  4. mhbraverman

    Don’t panic. I’m being treated by medics. Got hit in the head. Will be going to hospital as a precaution.

     maximilianbraverman    2 days ago    ReplyRetweet

  5. Photog Paul Weiskel hit with a bike

     jcstearns    3 days ago

  6. Police shove journalist Laurie Penny after she shows her press pass

     jcstearns    3 days ago    

  7. StopMotionsolo

    1st Amendment. Rated E for Everyone

     Matt H    4 days ago    ReplyRetweet

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One Comment

  1. Richard Cornell May 29, 2012 at 3:03 PM

    Hate to tell you!
    Your Press Pass is not worth crap. Every clown with a camera has a Press Pass. The offical Press Pass, the ones brought online for $75.00 that gives you right to get into trade shows and sports events for nothing. That picture of you and that nasty cop. What a shot. You should make sure that the photography gets some type of an reward.
    The best palce for pictures is behind the police. Better is above the police and protesters shooting out of a second story window.
    Never get within range of a cop with a baton. Never go face and face with a cop. That is being stupid. The average cop has no clue what is a Press Pass be it issue by the City Police or Mickey Mouse it means nothing to him. He does not care except that your in his way.
    Want to make a point. Do not become Collateral Damage. Your to close to the subjects. If a person wanted to fire bomb the police your also in the target area.

    You do understand that NATO in Chicago was an international terrorist target. It would have been mayhem if an person with an exploding vest had blown himself next to you.
    Target the city itself. Wanted to cause mass deaths.

    Like 1968 no deaths occur.

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