The Incestuous Relationship Between Government and Corporate America

  • “The only difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is the velocities with which their knees hit the floor when corporations knock on their door. That’s the only difference.”—Ralph Nader

  • The Stealing of America

  • ALEC Retreats Under Pressure, Ends Push For ‘Stand Your Ground,’ Voter ID Laws

  • Why Campaigning For Democrats Cripples Labor Unions

John W. Whitehead,

Submitted by David Culver

The U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark 2010 decision in Citizens United v. FEC not only gave unfettered free speech rights to corporations but paved the way for unlimited amounts of money to be poured into election campaigns, especially those of presidential candidates. However, what really made that ruling so significant was not that the Court granted First Amendment rights to corporations—formerly reserved only for individual citizens—but that in doing so, the Court legitimized an incestuous relationship between government and its corporate controllers.

Although big business and government have always had intimate relations, that relationship was at one time governed by a tacit understanding that the government’s first priority was to protect the individual rights of its citizens, while corporations—private entities, separate from government—were free to concern themselves with making a profit. Unfortunately, the rise of the corporate state over the past 70 years (a development that both President Eisenhower and Martin Luther King Jr. warned against) has done away with democratic government as we have known it. In the process, the interests of mega-corporations have been prioritized over those of the average citizen. Nowhere is this emphasis on corporate profit at the expense of the American citizenry more evident than in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).



ALEC Retreats Under Pressure, Ends Push For ‘Stand Your Ground,’ Voter ID Laws, Dan Froomkin, Huffington Post

  • Citing the group’s promotion of “voter suppression laws, Kill at Will bills, and other policies that hurt Black and other marginalized communities,” Rashad Robinson, executive director of ColorofChange, a civil rights group in the forefront of the campaign against ALEC, asserted. “To simply say they are stopping non-economic work does not provide justice to the millions of [Americans] whose lives are impacted by these dangerous and discriminatory laws courtesy of ALEC and its corporate backers.”

  • What to Make of the ALEC Exodus

  • Special Report | American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

Why Campaigning For Democrats Cripples Labor Unions, Shamus Cooke,
The labor movement, would immediately benefit from de-funding the Democrats and using the money to educate and organize their members to fight in the workplaces and streets for the many pro-worker demands, like a massive federal jobs program, that will otherwise remain “off the table” in Congress.

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