Anonymous- Mainstream Media Corruption Exposed

Anonymous- Mainstream Media Corruption Exposed

For the year of 2011, the four owners of CNN, FOX, and NBC have spent $44,246,979 dollars on lobbying…

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Uploaded by  on Dec 17, 2011

Video Sources…

Hilary Clinton war on information

Assange tells off ABC

Fox News Nazi obsessed

Akre-Wilson vs. Fox News…

Fox alters photo

CNN and NRA’s Wayne LaPierre

CNN fake broadcast leaked by former employee

Comcast/General Electric information

*Additional Information*

Comcast Lobbying Information

General Electric Lobbying Information

News Corp Lobbying and Other Information

Time Warner Lobbying and Other Information

Michael Moore calls out CNN

Fox News wrong about UC Davis pepper spray incident

Fox News makes up part of constitution

Cenk from Young Turks leaves MSNBC

Michael Copps FCC Commissioner speaks out

Dan Rather former CBS news anchor speaks out

Ron Paul ignored by mainstream media

FOX tries to make Ron Paul look bad…

What Time Warner owns

What News Corp owns

What Comcast owns

What General Electric owns

Danny Schechter former CNN and ABC news producer

Charles Lewis former 60 minutes producer

News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch and Saudi Prince Alwaleed…

More Fox News lies (documentary)
(part 1)…

CFR and history of media take over

What if someone in media actually told the truth?

CNN fake Libya broadcast…

FOX fake Russian footage

Behind the scenes of the media- documentary

CIA involvement with media (#4)…

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