WAMM in 2011: It was a Banner Year!

 Well-behaved women seldom make history. 

WAMM members helped organize and participate in the protest on the 8th anniversary of the war on Iraq, sponsored by Minnesota Peace Action Coalition.  Photo by Tom Bottolene/CircleVision.org.

March is National Women’s History Month and it’s also the month in which WAMM holds its annual meeting. We think it’s a good time to reflect the activities WAMM sponsored and/or participated in the previous year. Were we well behaved? Probably not if it means passively tolerating the status quo of war and injustice.

Challenge! Host talk by Malailai Joya, the bravest woman in Afghanistan

Empower! People’s Plaza

Energize! Join Occupy Minneapolis

Rally! Anti-torture and Bradley Manning support

Reveal! WAMM YouTube

Vigil! Lake Street/Marshall Avenue Bridge every Wednesday

Educate! Sara Flounders of International Action Center speaks on Libya, North Africa and the Middle East

Inform! Participation in workshops, conferences, taught classes on the Middle East Expose! Cynthia McKinney eye-witness report on Libya

Protest! NATO/U.S. attacks on Libya

Resist! the 10th Anniversary of the War on Afghanistan

Support! for Wisconsin and Minnesota government workers

Hear! Kathy Kelly, Steve Clemens eye-witness reports back from Afghanistan

Participate! With Afghan Youth

Find out! Sami Rasouli, Muslim Peacemaker Team, reports back from Iraq

Participate! MN Break the Bond

Demand! with Welfare Rights at the State Capital

Defend! against home foreclosures

Perform! WAMM Peace Troupe on the Nicollet Mall

Sing! Community Sing: Great Songs of Peace

Rejoice! WAMM’s Fifth Annual Valentine’s Day, “Peace and Resistance”

Inspire! Margaret Randall speaks at the WAMM Annual Meeting

Express! the WAMMToday blog with articles and opinion

Connect! United National Antiwar Conference, Sabeel, National Conference on Media Reform, Stop FBI Conference, Close SOA, 30th anniversary of nuclear resistance

Speak! WAMM Speak Outs

Examine! workshop studies of racism

Stand up! For civil liberties. Committee to Stop F.B.I. repression

Reveal! Sarah Smith and the outrage of material support for terrorism charges for traveling to Palestine with two young women of Palestinian origin

March! Fourth Annual Walk Against Weapons

See! Canvas[ing] Against Torture: Art Exhibit

Alert! Bannering against war on Iran

Go! Ann and Dave Winkler-Morey pedaling Across the Country to raise access for all

Stay! Occupy Liberty Plaza, Washington, D.C.

Stir! Katia deLlano of the Federation of Cuban Women

Redress! Support for Move to Amend

Advocate! Immigration reform and the Dream Act

Protect! Counter recruitment

Learn! from Iraqi medical delegation brought to Minnesota by Iraq American Reconciliation Project

Report! 10 issues of the WAMM newsletter

Reveal! Sarah Smith and the outrage of material support for terrorism charges for traveling to Palestine with two young women of Palestinian origin

And much more, including:


WAMM Co-founder Polly Mann receives the 2011 Peacemaker of the Year Award from Minnesota Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Activist Marie Braun receives Courageous Woman Award from Women’s Resource Center, Augsburg College

WAMM depends on its members and supporters to continue our work. We can’t do it without you! If you can make a contribution, please send it to: WAMM 310 E. 38th St., Minneapolis, MN 55409; online with PayPal; or call the WAMM office at 612-827-5364.

© 2012 Women Against Military Madness. All rights reserved.

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