Surrounding Iran, On the Road
Through Syria

 By Margaret Sarfehjooy   WAMM Newsletter    March/April 2012  

Iran is now surrounded by U.S. bases.

The war on Iraq was looked on as a Bush effort. Those in power today are continuing Bush’s war plans stronger than ever. Where is the outcry?

 Iran is threatened, and the U.S. continues to push the screws even tighter. U.S. policy toward Iran for the last three decades has primarily taken the form of economic sanctions, threats and isolationism. The U.S. is involved in a covert and proxy war.

 The covert dimensions of the war are being fought by intelligence assets, cyber attacks, computer viruses, secretive military units, spies, assassins, agent provocateurs, and saboteurs. The kidnapping and assassination of Iranian scientists and military commanders, which started several years ago, is a part of this covert war. The U.S. has been at war with Iran through its proxies for years.

 Iran is now surrounded by the U.S.: The U.S. has more than 30 military bases and facilities including its naval base in Bahrain, U.S. Central command (CENTCOM) headquarters in Qatar, not to mention its military installations in Pakistan, Turkey and Afghanistan. A third aircraft carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln, has sailed through the Strait of Hormuz, near the coast of Iran. Israel has become a de facto U.S. military outpost. U.S. and Israeli command structures are being integrated, with close consultation between the Pentagon and Israel’s Ministry of Defense. The Pentagon has dispatched some 15,000 U.S. troops into Kuwait.

As for Arab cooperation in threatening Iran? As part of the NATO-Gulf Cooperation Council (NATO-GCC), Qatar and the United Arab Emirates played key roles in the destruction of Libya. GCC stands for Gulf Cooperation Council, the organization of six wealthy Persian Gulf monarchies (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates-UAE). It was part of the prime strategic backyard for the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, and is currently at work “containing” Iran.

The combined strategy of NATO-GCC is regime change in Syria to weaken Iran. The road to Iran is through Damascus.

Margaret Sarfhejooy is the chair of the WAMM Middle East Committee and is Editor of the MEC website.

© 2012 Women Against Military Madness. All rights reserved.

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One Comment

  1. Andy Berman March 30, 2012 at 6:57 AM

    It may indeed be US-NATO strategy to weaken Iran through regime change in Syria. But the regime in Syria is run by a butcher who is currently slaughtering scores of Syrian civilians on a daily basis, with wanton bombing of cities. Don’t let US-NATO decide your politics. Don’t close your eyes to mass murder. WAMM has been too silent on Syria. The conflict there was not initiated by the US. It was yet another of the Arab Spring rebellions against a tyrant. A little moral consistency is order.

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