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democracynow.org – Famed sociologist Frances Fox Piven and labor organizer Stephen Lerner discuss how Occupy Wall Street could grow into a major political movement that draws millions into the streets. “I am absolutely convinced that Occupy is the beginning of another massive protest movement,” Fox Piven says.

“Protest movements have a long life, 10, 15 years and they are what we have to rely on to take our country back.” Fox Piven is professor of political science and sociology at the Graduate Center, City University of New York and author of “Challenging Authority: How Ordinary People Change America.”

Lerner is a labor organizer who was the architect of the Justice for Janitors campaign, and is on the executive board of the Service Employees International Union. He has been working with labor and community groups nationally on how to hold Wall Street accountable.

“I think there has never been a more exciting time in my 30 years of organizing, to imagine building the kind of movement that can transform the country, that can really talk about redistributing wealth and power and there is never a better time to get involved,” Lerner says.

We are also joined by Guardian reporter Ryan Devereaux, who has been reporting on Occupy Wall Street extensively.

To watch the complete daily, independent news hour, read the transcript, download the podcast, and for a decade of Democracy Now! reports on Occupy Wall Street, please visit http://www.democracynow.org/topics/occupy_wall_street

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  1. Bonnie Goodell July 10, 2012 at 2:19 PM

    I am wondering why OWS has not formed a legal team to sue banks and gov’t regulators on behalf of any mortgagees who want to join, from the last 12 years? If hedge funds and governments and retirement funds sue them, they respond that those enitities are represented by “experienced experts.” Well, what about the people at the other end, the home-buyers? Are they experienced experts? Seems like their defense against the buyers of split derivatives is an admission of guilt as regards home-owners.

    The banks and regulators talk all the time about the banking system being “essential international economic infrastructure.” Well, when a bridge falls down and a bunch of people are killed, because of faulty bridge construction and collusion by the inspectors, they all get sued and pay the people hurt, and their lawyers, a lot of money.

    When the feds go after people they look for someone they can press to turn into a whistle-blower. Yet, whistle-blowers are going public all over the place about the housing mess. Sue in civil court for damages and get them doing their finger-pointing at each other.

    Now we are being treated to the spectacle of the LIBOR scandal, and once again, according to the NYT, today, over the LIBOR scandal :”The banks also face a raft of civil litigation from municipalities, investors and other financial firms that claim they lost money from the misreporting of rates. These lawsuits could end up costing the banking industry tens of billions of dollars, according to analysts.” Where the hell are those out of work OWS lawyers, researchers, and organizers? Get the banks and regulators before juries, with homeowners and credit card owners testifying.

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