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“1%, Your money’s spent to circumvent the People’s intent…
You jacked the rent, caused this descent ‘cuz you broke our sacred covenant.
I’ll pop a tent and we’ll pound cement. We won’t back down, no we won’t relent
till we unfuck, to the full extent, what you did to corrupt to our government…”

Make a donation to Occupy Boston and download this song free at http://MicCheckSong.com

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Steve Bricks (co-producer, arranger and co-writer) is happy to live in a country where people put freedom before greed. http://twitter.com/stevebricks

Garret John (co-producer, vocalist and song writer) went to Occupy Wall Street and was so inspired, he joined a great bunch of organizers to help start Occupy Boston. Facebook: http://on.fb.me/GarretJohn

Album Cover Photo by D Markus Witt – See more Occupy Photos at http://www.facebook.com/DMarkusWitt

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