Bob Boldt> Send in the Clowns …

Send in the Clowns…

By Bob Boldt   Sunday, 05 February 2012      MWC 

Sometimes I think that Scott Pelley and the lovely Lara Logan should be drawing their paychecks directly from the paymaster at the Pentagon rather than CBS’s 60 Minutes. They never pass an opportunity to cheerlead the latest drone strike or pull a punch that should be aimed at a military booster.

Leon PanettaA case in point was the puff-piece Pelley recently filed after his interview with the jovial, hail-fellow-well-met, Defense Department head, Leon Panetta.

He is only our most recent Clown Defense Secretary. Previous clowns include, but are not limited to, Robert McNamara, Donald Rumsfeld, and Robert Gates. Of course Panetta is also the latest shill for the Military/Industrial Complex and staunch song-and-dance-man for the State of Israel—the top two items in his job description.

Three major assaults on sense and sensibility courtesy of the new Sec. of Defense in past weeks are:

His denial of any knowledge of responsibility for the deaths of Iran’s nuclear scientists. These hits have the fingerprints of the CIA/Mossad written all over them.

His statement that Iran probably is developing a nuclear bomb. This is in spite of no evidence to back up this assertion.

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His not so thinly veiled threat to visit Iran with a nuclear attack of our own, courtesy of our buddy Benjamin Netanyahu, as early as April of this year.

Two important questions are: (Even if Iran had them) who decreed that Israel and only Israel can have nukes in the region?  Why has no one read Seymour Hirsh’s New Yorker article detailing Iran’s (non-existent) nuclear program?

Not too long ago my Liberal, Democrat friends rose in righteous wrath over Bush’s invasion of Iraq, using the trumped-up charges that Saddam had WMD. These days there is nary a peep when the same shell game is being perpetrated over the buildup to our next “dumb war.” I know they think Obama walks on water…but please!  Like Iraq, the war in

Iran will be over regime change not the administration’s propaganda. Don’t worry; this war will not need boots on the ground. We will just bomb them back into the Stone Age via a nuclear holocaust. Personally I think the dog-wagging will not be in April but mid-October, just in time to pump up the floundering re-election campaign of our failed president. Wanna bet? Sorry, that bet has already been taken by Willard—our next President.

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