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George Ikner writes about GTMO from Australia

You may wonder just how obvious it has become that Guantanamo is set to be the place where those against the idea of endless war to support the monopoly capitalist democracy in the US can be sent. As the capitalist elites set their sights firmly on eliminating any opposition to the total inequality in the distribution of wealth Guantanamo Bay is a godsend.

This is where the dancing clown Obama comes in, who having promised to close it now finds that it has to stay open to house those already there and then the expected influx of his own citizens. However, it also leaves open another perfectly expedient line of lies to Obama. Properly maintained and set up Guantanamo Bay simply becomes a holding yard for all those cases on any topic in the too hard basket or the we just don’t know files.

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It can actually be painted as some sort of Caribbean retreat for those who just do not fit in with the elites plans. even Obama could be squeezed in if he could be painted as some mad perverted socialist hell bent on destroying the good ‘ol USA. There is no end of uses you can put a prison to that can house the uncharged or never to be charged along with the unconvicted and never to be convicted.

It is in reality every authoritarian system’s dream to have such a well known place of detention just sitting there and allowing the dissidents and the like to be kept indefinitely, on the, this will teach you a lesson basis. Can’t you feel the UK’s envy as they with their super surveillance society, with judges who are able if they want to gaol people for taking a toaster in a riot.

Here in Australia that sort of sentiment should ring a bell as when the rotting hulks on the Thames could no longer house those foolish enough to want to eat in the 1700s and some sort of unlawful conduct was the only to get a meal then found themselves sentenced to transportation to the sunshine of Australia. Well Obama need not worry about setting up a penal colony, at least not yet.

But the time will come for the US and the UK, in fact for all those civilized capitalist democracies to look to permanent detention without charge as the real solution to (insert name of crime). In this way the present stumbling block for the peace talks with the Taliban are a real problem. first what it exposes is that the Obama administration the lunatic or psychopathic military does not want any form of peace, yet alone a lasting one.

The war engines require massive amounts of money that can ultimately only end up in the pockets of the elite. As usual that only leaves the ordinary everyday citizen to either give up his own life or in that sickening saying “give” their only (insert son. daughter. father etc) for the struggle for peace and security.

It beggars belief that so many decent people can be fooled and tricked by the simplest of tricks to get them to die by the bullet or to die in a race to keep consuming the mostly useless products the capitalist democracies produces, the trinkets and baubles seen as gifts from above. For some reason it is fashionable to talk of the process of  waiting for a great leader as part of some sort of individualist approach to life.

Perhaps it is the other way around, once you have been convinced you are part of the “herd” with your only ability being to mutually graze on ever diminishing food supplies, accepting what you hear from a leader who promises nothing he/she can stick to your conversion is complete.

You can now die in peace full of the promises of the life ever after, meanwhile the slaughter continues along with the constant lies in support of killing men women and children who stand in the way of the profit and growth at any cost systems we live in. If you think this fairly sums up what is happening then any peace talks with the Taliban will only be ‘successful’ when they meet the criteria of expediency.

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