WHealthy Human Village

2012 A New Beginning
Opening Ceremonies Friday, January 20, 6 pm

Opening Ceremony for the WHealthy Human Village project is this Friday at 6pm, at the American Indian Center (Franklin & Bloomington Avenues in Minneapolis). Potluck. Bring musical instruments to musically jam with us (esp. if you play a type of music that represents your cultural tradition!).  Over the next few months, we will be co-creating our vision for the Village Project and how this concept of an earth-issue-based gathering space can help plant the seeds for alliance and solidarity-building.

The turtle is Mother Earth.

At the center of her shell is a Medicine Wheel, representing the teachings of the four directions and the four colors of humankind.  It is placed in the center of our village, representing coming together as one human family, and living in balance with the elements of earth, air, fire, and water.

Surrounding the center are three dwelling-structures.  A Ger (or “Yurt”), a Tipi, and a Hoop-house.
These are the three structures we will be living inside eventually as we create our village.
The Ger will be a space for a community library, teach-ins, meetings and discussions.
The Tipi will have fire, food, tea, crafts, company, and conversation.
The Hoop-house will be a place for movement, healing-arts, and, in the spring, growing seedlings.
The Red Archway represents a welcome to all our relations, to the community, and to new connections.

The turtle is moving.  This “Village” is intentionally nomadic.  If we are asked to leave one location by “authorities”, we will first ask the community for support in allowing us to stay.  If our structures are threatened with removal, we will choose a new location for our Village, and resume our practice in community life.  We believe this will help us reach new communities and grow our movement.  Perhaps more Villages will emerge in other parts of the city.  Or in the suburbs.  Or in the country.
Across Turtle Island to our brothers and sisters in other lands.

The way we have been living is insane.  It is time to begin again.

We are here to reclaim our right to shelter and warmth.
We are here to rescue the traditional knowledge that has been stolen and lost.
We are here to remember how to live in balance with the earth.

We are here to be of service to one another, and learn how to work together as one people, living in one place.  We are here to remember how to be family.

Facebook Page:  Whealthy HumanVillage

Blog: http://whealthyhumanvillage.blogspot.com/

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