Tune: Jingle Bells 

Words by Jeff Nygaard

Occupy! Occupy! We won’t go away.
We have spied the great big lie: That profits rule the day
Occupy!  Occupy! in the USA
We will try to share the pie in a much more equal way

We erect our tents, and we put up our signs
You the One Percent.  Us the Ninety Nine
Radical it seems, and radical it is
‘Cuz we would like to occupy your capitalist biz…NESS


Marching to the bank whose building is so stout
Inside you prob’ly think that all we’ll do is shout
The system makes you think that we’ll always obey
But there’s a debt we won’t forget that you have to repay.  Hey!


We have no set demands; there’s nothing you can do
We have the upper hand.  We’re many!  You are few
The future’s in our hands, and tinkering is through
We won’t stop ‘til the rules are changed and dem-ah-crac-y rules.  OH !


Empires occupy, but that’s not why we’re here
We’ll never privatize.  We’ll never rule by fear
A democratic space must be a home for all
We’re all in this together!  All for one and one for all.


Jeff Nygaard is the editor of Nygaard Notes and a supporter of Occupy Minneapolis.

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By Published On: December 24th, 2011Comments Off on Song> Occupy!

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