Video> Court OK’s Occupy MN To “Re-sign” Plaza

Under court order, Occupy MN returns to re-sign the plaza.

The signs calling for income equality are back up again at The People’s Plaza (also known as Hennepin County Government Center) in Minneapolis. Occupy MN went to court and got a temporary restraining order preventing Hennepin County from removing the signs.

In granting the order, U.S. District Judge Richard Kyle wrote “the parties are going to have to ‘learn to live’ with one another.”

Last week, all of the OccupyMN belongings had been removed from The People’s Plaza. Today which marked the second month anniversary of the original occupation the group organized a sign making party followed by posting of the new signs on the plaza.

Fighting Hennepin County

Occupy organizer Sarah Martin said, “Last week Hennepin County Government Center staff took away tarps and sleeping bags from the plaza without providing legal justification for their action. The county is doing everything they can to stifle dissent and stop people from maintaining a 24-hour protest.”

Sam Richards said, “The 1% can pay for a place at the table, the only way the 99% can have our voices heard is ongoing occupations and protests in public spaces. The Hennepin County attorney is trying to take away our right to assemble and be heard. The People’s Plaza is our Plaza – a place for us to gather, to organize and to voice our demands for a society that puts people over profits.”

He added, “The County has tried everything they can think of to take the plaza from us – seizing our tents, tarps and blankets, banning dozens of individual occupiers with trespass notices, and a constant campaign of harassment and threats. But we refuse to be deterred. The County can steal our belongings but they cannot evict our demand for justice!”

Occupy MN supporters also had a chance to hear from the occupiers returning from last weeks actions in Washington DC.

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