Video> Occupy Minneapolis Forms Human Chain to Defend Foreclosed Home, Police Retreat plus Tent Stealing

November 19th, 2011: Occupy Minneapolis encountered a bit more resistance from the authorities on day one of #Operation Occupy Southside than expected. Following two arrests and an incident in which a police officer tried to run down an occupier with a squad car, Occupy Minneapolis formed a human chain around Sa’ra Kaiser’s foreclosed home, preventing the officers from boarding it up, and ultimately forcing the police to give up and leave in the absence of any legitimate legal pretense for preventing occupiers from being their in the first place.

Uploaded by  on Nov 20, 2011

And here is a second video about what was happening on the Plaza during the time of Operation Occupy Southside.

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. I saw the Hennepin County Security stealing a tent that wasn’t being used during a snow storm. No one was in the tent and it wasn’t set up. The plaza only had a few people around as many were at the occupy foreclosure event at this time.

Uploaded by  on Nov 19, 2011

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