Sarah Flounders spoke recently in Minneapolis.

Sara Flounders, activist and author, is the co-director of the International Action Center, founded by Ramsey Clark to oppose U.S. militarism, racism and war. She is an editor and co-author of 10 books that cover the brutal impact of U.S. policy in Iraq, Haiti, Colombia, Gaza, the role of U.S. corporate media, and the Pentagon’s use of radioactive depleted-uranium weapons.

Currently organizing a report back from Libya tour, Sara has traveled extensively to targeted countries throughout the world and participated in international war tribunals, exposing the role of U.S. intervention and challenging media propaganda.

Although Sara has spoken at universities throughout the world and appeared on CNN, FOX, ABC, BBC, RT News, Al Jazeera, Press TV, NPR and Pacifica Radio, her main role over many years is as a grassroots organizer because she believes the only way to make a real difference in the world is through collective effort at the grassroots level.

Her appearance at Walker Church on September 28, 2011 was sponsored by the Middle East Committee of Women Against Military Madness (WAMM).

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  1. BBFMAIL October 28, 2011 at 12:49 PM

    October 25, 2011
    Who Will Intervene Now?
    Lynching Black Africans in Libya

    Black Libyans by the racist para-militaries who now rule Libya.

    Bodies of black men hanging from highways. Bound and tortured bodies of Africans dumped along the roadsides. Am I talking about Libya or Louisiana?

    And all under the approving eye of the first Black President of the USA.

    The lynching of Africans in Libya has been so bad that African leaders across the continent have been forced to raise their voices in protest. When the President of Nigeria, the USA’s unofficial enforcer in West Africa leads an African wide outcry against the lynching of his citizens in Libya one would assume that it was heard in the Obama White House.

    With the murder or expulsion of most of Libya’s African migrant population well on its way came the massacre and ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Black Libyans.

    And all the while Barack Obama and his band of criminal cohorts in the western capitals and television news channels strung together words like “pro-democracy”, “freedom fighters” and “liberation” to describe the orgy of looting and lynching being carried out.

    When Black Libyans took up arms to defend their families and homes from the Libyan lynch mobs they found themselves the beneficiaries of “pro-democracy” high explosives, delivered from on high by a freedom loving NATO air force.

    Bombed from on high, lynched on the ground, the only choice is flee for your lives and that is what hundreds of thousands of Black Libyan have been forced to do.

    And all under the approving eye of the first Black President in the White House.

    Should we be surprised at such serpentine behavior by the first Black President? Isn’t this the guy who raised over $500 million to help him buy the White House, with $300 million of that from Wall Street?

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