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October 15, 2011 citizens will again take to the streets in an international mobilization to demand a real democracy. October 15, again be a united people, we will be one.

El proximo 15 de octubre del 2011 los ciudadanos volverán a tomar las calles en una movilizacion internacional para reclamar una democracia real. el 15 de octubre volveremos a ser un pueblo unido, volveremos a ser uno.

5O INTERNATIONAL MOBILIZATION October 15 The citizens of the world we leave to the streets to show our outrage at the loss of our rights at the hands of the alliance between big corporations and politicians. Since real Democracy NOW we invite you to participate in this international protest action peaceful, adding to our call or making your own call notice 

Orias that date. It’s time to speak out. Our future is at stake, and nothing can hold the power of millions of people when they unite for a common purpose.Democracy is real and a coordination platform for pro-citizen mobilization groups that originated in Spain. Under the slogan “We’re not good in the hands of politicians and bankers,” thousands of people took to the streets on May 15 to demand a more participatory democracy, to oppose the corruption of the political system and show our rejection of social cuts that are we imposed. 

Following the success of this first demonstration, various movements arose and mounted camping in places around the country, similar to the first occupation of Tahrir Square in Cairo. These gave rise to popular assemblies, where people develop their goals through an inclusive decision-making process and horizontal. The movement quickly spread across international borders 15M shares and encouraged many cities worldwide, including a massive demonstration against the European Pact on 19 June. 

Under the pressure of financial power, our leaders work for the benefit of a few, without care about the social cost, human or environmental that this can generate. Promoting wars for economic and bringing misery to entire peoples, the ruling classes strip us of our right to a free and just society. And so I invite you to join this peaceful struggle, spreading the message that together we can change this intolerable situation. Take to the streets on October 15. 

It is time we listen. United will hear our voices! On October 15 we show the strength of the United People because we are not merchandise in the hands of politicians and bankers. in coming days we will inform the details of this important day of global mobilization.

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