Protesters and Police Getting Along in Minneapolis

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It seems that the the Hennepin County Sheriffs and Minneapolis Police are handling things much better than what we have seen in New York and elsewhere. I just read this statement below taken from the Startribune.

Cordiality has so far been the tone between protest organizers and law enforcement in the Twin Cities. While the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office has laid out a bevy of rules for participants to follow while on the plaza — no tents, alcohol, drugs, barbecues or even smoking — Sheriff Rick Stanek said he told organizers that “arrest is the last option” for his deputies to exercise.

In the latest act of a drama unfolding in many cities across the nation, demonstrators protesting Wall Street corporate power gathered Friday on the Hennepin County Government Center plaza in downtown Minneapolis.At midday there were about 300 people on hand at the OccupyMN protest with another 100 or 200 that came and went throughout the morning.

Early in the afternoon, more than 300 marched several blocks in the street with police blessings to the Federal Reserve Bank building’s plaza and resumed their boisterous but peaceful pursuits there before heading back to their orginal gathering spot less than an hour later. Police said they chose downtown streets for the route to avoid clogging up the sidewalks.Among those in the crowd during the morning was former Gov. Jesse Ventura, who mingled with protesters during his brief time there.The Government Center crowd was a mix of young, middle-aged and elderly people, first time protesters and veterans of many demonstrations.

Terry Nibeling and Abby Korenchen, both 24 and from Minneapolis, stood in line to sign in at a welcome table.”I feel like the politicians and the lobbyists are mistreating the general public,” said Nibeling.Korenchen added that she came “to support the cause of the people, the people over corporations.”Someone beat on a drum, and at mid-morning, a series of speakers addressed the crowd.

While there was a vigorous denunciation of Wall Street and corporations, the tone was festive and not angry. Judy Kjenstad, 62, a Minneapolis artist, held a sign that read: “End corporate rule; jail Wall St. crooks, tax the rich.”Sitting next to Kjenstad at the edge of the plaza fountain was Jan Wilson, of Alexandria, Minn., a 65-year-old retired nurse who said, “I came [to join] this, instead of just complaining.” The protests are being held in solidarity with demonstrators who have converged on Wall Street in New York City in recent weeks, along with demonstrations in other cities, which have focused on what the activists believe to be the expansion of corporate power at the expense of the majority of the population.

Its good to see that the Police and protesters seem to be getting along here in Minneapolis, I would really hate to see things get ugly as this isn’t a violent group of protesters. We are not like the Tea Party clowns strapping on AK-47’s and strutting around yelling and threatening people. I really think that law enforcement is beginning to understand that they too are part of the 99% of us citizens that have been swept under the rug and ignored. I will be sending updates from the Minneapolis Occupy Wallstreet solidarity protest all weekend long so check in often.

Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office have laid down some ground rules:While sleeping on the plaza will be permitted, no tents or canopies will be allowed.Alcohol and drugs will be barred from the plaza and campfires and barbecues will be prohibited.Portable toilets will be made available on nearby sidewalks, bike racks will be provided, but the no-smoking policy on the plaza will stay in place. People will be able to smoke on the sidewalk.5:38 PM PT: I will be heading to Downtown Minneapolis to attend the General Assembly and snap some picture of the event. I will post an update later.



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