An Oligarchy’s Worst Nightmare

Nation of Change
October 6, 2011

Like the dictators in Tahrir Square and Cairo before them the corporate state is terrified. Every attempt to suppress and destroy this movement has failed and they are indeed doing damage to arms of their own power structures as the people of this nation are faced with the undeniable realities of their corruption.

The brutality of their law enforcement and the fraudulence and ineptitude of their media is now exposed, naked and ugly before a people who are increasingly shocked, outraged, and moved to action.

They try to provoke violence but the people refuse to take the bait and fight back with the weapons of peaceful resistance and citizen journalism as we have seen during several brutal pepper-spraying incidents.

They cannot assault the the leaders of the movement because they do not exist.

They cannot defame the organizations behind the movement because no one organization is responsible.

They cannot prevent the funding of the movement because it is originates from too many sources and the movement requires little beyond the essentials to thrive.

So what is the corporate state to do in order destroy this threat? What can they do aside from levelling flaccid criticisms of “confusion” and “lack of direction” at the movement via their propaganda machine?

They can hope that the people lose interest. They can hope that too many will nod their heads in agreement from their homes and do nothing. Apathy is the greatest friend of the oppressor in this nation and it is the apathy we must speak to in ourselves and in others.

                                                         —Nation of Change

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By Published On: October 6th, 2011Comments Off on An Oligarchy’s Worst Nightmare, Occupy Wall Street

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