It starts here!

Submitted by David Culver

This is a slogan that came out of a weekend of meetings by the organizers of So many people in this country have been taking action for peace, health care, jobs, housing, education, a clean environment, human rights, economic justice and more for years; so, you may ask,

“What starts here?”

Each of us may answer this differently.

For the organizers, what starts on October 6, 2011 is a new approach. This action brings us together to work in solidarity. This action is more than a rally. We are staying. This action will both stop the machine, through resistance, and create a new world using evidence-based solutions to our crises. This action starts an independent movement to end corporate control of the political process and media and to begin a more democratic society in which the voices and will of the people are heard. We will put human need before corporate greed.



The Richest 0.1% Have Launched A War On Us, Amped Status

  • We have endured financial oppression for long enough. In a time of national crisis and shared sacrifice, the richest one-tenth of one percent of the population cannot continue on their merry way, living in obscene wealth and detached from reality, while the majority of the population desperately struggles to make ends meet.

  • We are under attack, and it’s time to fight back.

  • Welcome To Your Conservative Recovery!

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