Take Action: Shine a light on the FBI: video featuring Twin City antiwar activists

Take action

Shine a light on the FBI. Take action.Shine a light on the FBI

A new campaign by the Bill of Rights Defense Committee  BORDC.org

Over the past decade, the FBI has abused its investigative powers, failed to respect its own guidelines, and avoided accountability by keeping its actions secret and actively misleading courts, Congress, and the American people. Stop the FBI’s assault on the First and Fourth Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans.

Sign our letter to Congress today.

To learn more about the FBI’s violations of civil liberties and constitutional rights, check out this video.

Stop PATRIOT Act abuses

Congressional leaders made a back-room deal to extend the PATRIOT Act for four more years—without meaningful debate. Our government has again failed to restore civil liberties.

The JUSTICE Act would fix many of the PATRIOT Act‘s abuses of civil liberties and protect constitutional rights. President Obama himself echoed our concerns only three years ago.

Make your town do what the federal government won’t

The Local Civil Rights Restoration Act (LCRRA) was developed by BORDC for consideration by city councils across the country. The LCRRA, which will have the force of law where enacted, allows individual municipalities to do what the federal government will not: protect the Fourth Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans by creating enforceable protections against local police participation in racial and ethnic profiling, federal immigration enforcement, and government spying

Thanks to Kevin Gosztola of FireDogLake.com for calling attention to this campaign.

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