Minneapolis: Hijab-wearing Muslim women flashmob at RightOnline conference

Hijab-wearing Muslim women flashmob invades RightOnline conference

Posted on 06.19.11
By Kase Wickman    http://www.rawstory.com/rawreplay

A crowd of women wearing hijabs — headscarves traditionally worn by Muslim women — flooded the lobby of the Hilton in Minneapolis where the RightOnline conservative blogger conference was held this weekend.
The women stayed for about ten minutes, according to Talking Points Memo, and said they were protesting the man who had addressed a headscarf-wearing woman Thursday night, and asked why she was dressed like that “in America.”

“The point was mostly that Muslim women are an equal part of this nation, and that we have an equal right to exist here,” Allison Nevitt, one of the women, told TPM.

The group were attendees of NetrootsNation, the progressive conference also in town.

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