A Day! Help! Help! Another Day! (or how did Emily Dickinson celebrate Flag Day)

How did Emily Dickinson celebrate Flag Day? She didn’t, because it wasn’t observed until 1893, but in 1877, on the centennial of the adoption of the Stars and Stripes, the flag flew over every government building. Emily also mentions flags in several poems, including this very unusual one:

WAMMToday note:  The poem seems fairly standard until you get to the last two lines, which are just ambiguous enough to be interpreted broadly and in today’s context, the flag of a nation in crisis.  What issues indeed!

As it turns out, Kim Tedrow, who I thought posted this, did not. We still encourage people to look at Kim’s pieces.  She creates sometimes lovely, sometimes jarring, but always interesting artwork.  We have searched for the original of this post and have not been able to find it.  Thank you to whomever it was who posted it.

–The Editors


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  1. Ken Detweiler · ·

    Ha. This poem has NOTHING to do with flag day.

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