Weiner: Psy-Ops on Congress?

Another possible take on Weiner:  Psy-Ops on Congress

We were having coffee and wondering about Congressman Anthony Weiner’s recent unfortunate scenario as a sting operation.

Congressman Weiner:

1) Becomes a most effective political “salesman” for Obama’s healthcare plan,

2) Becomes a target for discrediting by operatives who research the congressman’s vulnerabilities and try a sex sting,

3) Receives a flattering email from an out-of-state woman who calls the congressman “hot,”

4) Email exchange ensues.

5) Andrew Breitbach publishes email photos electronically.

Our Minnesota Senator Al Franken learned he was targeted for brain-washing by military personnel to keep his positive vote for Afghan war expenditures. (Michael Hastings “Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators,” Rolling Stone, 2/23/11; Star Tribune, 2/24/11.)  

So, yes psy-ops is being illegally applied to the people who decide how to spend America’s money, but in Congressman Weiner’s case we don’t know if he was entrapped or completely self-absorbed.   

 Susu Jeffrey & Sue Ann Martinson

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