Hey folks – this is John Slade; I’ve been active around the Cities for about 20 years, and met SueAnn Martinson doing the Counter-Propaganda Coalition. (We’ve sung carols at the winter demo in Uptown for a while now…) Anyway, SueAnn finally got me signed up to contribute to the blog! Glad to be doing so.

My thinking on Memorial Day 2011.

To all those who are veterans – and to no new combat vet. Hey, while we’re at it, how about the House Republicans start fully funding vet’s health (yes, the rich can pay more taxes to take care of a poor kid back from two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan who twitches when he hears fireworks) and how about the Obama Administration start taking on the military-industrial complex and get the hell out of both Iraq AND Afghanistan. (Of course, the bloodthirsty armchair warriors will want to start something somewhere else, probably in South America…)

And may the good Lord bless and keep us, each and every one, safe this day and every other.

By Published On: May 30th, 2011Comments Off on Memorial Day 2011

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