Donald Rumsfeld and water boarding

A Letter to the Editor: Donald Rumsfeld and

To the Pioneer Press, unpublished

Dear Editor:

Finally, Donald Rumsfeld has come out of his cave to gloat over how he and George Bush were responsible for the capture/killing of Osama bin Laden by their use of torture on detainees. (Pioneer Press, May 15, 2011).   In so doing they were breaking international laws, but never mind that little matter.   He still says that even water boarding is not torture.  I suppose that now he thinks that it will be safe to travel to foreign countries and not be arrested.   

If we read and listened to others, for example,  Lawrence Wilkerson, former aid to Colin Powell,  just the opposite facts about torture are made clear.  In fact, Wilkerson says that Rumsfeld should be water boarded.  I bet then that Rumsfeld would know the difference between the “known and the unknown.”

Thank you,
Patty Guerrero

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