The Afghan War: a waste of lives, time, and money?

Osama bin Laden:  Cold War Veteran

The following is an excerpt from an article for The Guardian  in Britain By Mark Weisbrot.  May 3, 2011
The full article is available on The Guardian’s website.

The “war on terror” was made to order for the post-cold war era, and enthusiasts such as then Vice President Dick Cheney noticed this immediately, before any wars were launched. Within five days of the 9/11 attacks, Cheney was on television proclaiming that the war against terrorism was “a long-term proposition”: the “kind of work that will take years”.

Indeed, it has, and with US drone strikes in Pakistan killing civilians and generating more hatred weekly, a cycle of violence is perpetuated that can go on for many years to come.

Of course, this was not inevitable. Ironically, the killing of bin Laden confirms what the left has maintained since 2001: that the occupation of Afghanistan was not necessary or justified in order to go after bin Laden. The killing of bin Laden was mainly an intelligence operation – the US did not have to invade or occupy Pakistan in order to carry it out. The same would have been true while he was in Afghanistan. [emphasis WAMMToday]

And now that he is gone, calls in Afghanistan for the US to leave are already intensifying; and they are picking up in the US, as well.

Thanks to The Wild Reed for calling attention to this article.

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