The Sacred Cow on Tax Day

How is the War Economy Working for You?

A WAMMToday Editorial Comment

What no one bothers to mention in all this going after the corporations who have not paid their taxes is that the weapons’ manufacturers have profited greatly from the wars.  (Although GE is also a weapons’ manufacturer, but I see no mention of that.) Alliant Tech Systems (ATK) built a new corporate world headquarters in Eden Prairie to the tune of over a million dollars. It is a fortress, a tower of Mordor.

I do not see the necessary research specifically into the taxes that weapons’ manufacturers pay—they have an interest in perpetuating war and have a huge lobby in Congress. They must be delighted that we are concentrating on human needs in the Uncut movement and ignoring them. Not that we should not concentrate on human needs, but the trillions we spend on war that reap huge profits for these companies needs to be spent on human needs, on infrastructure, on the people of America.

Yes, make the rich pay their fair share of taxes. But stop the flow of so much of our money into unnecessary wars made ultimately to fatten the pockets of fat cat weapons’ manufacturers with U.S. Government contracts paid for with yours and my taxes.  Note that ATK has 60+ sales offices worldwide.  They make profits from selling weapons created with our taxes.

 We say, with the Veterans for Peace, How is the War Economy Working for You?  This problem is a local issue, a national issue, and an international issue.

And join WAMM on Saturday, June 4, 2011 for the Walk Against Weapons.  Details at or see the post on WAMMToday.

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