Afghan Activist Malalai Joya Speaks in Minneapolis

The “bravest woman in Afghanistan”

Afghan activist, writer and a former politician, Malalai Joya spoke at St. Joan of Arc church in Minneapolis. She was dismissed from the Afghan parliament for publicly denouncing the presence of what she considered to be warlords and war criminals in the Afghan parliament. Joya is an outspoken critic of the Karzai administration and its western supporters, particularly the United States. Her suspension from parliament in May 2007 generated protest internationally and appeals for her reinstatement have been signed by high profile writers, intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky, and politicians including Members of Parliament from Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. She is called by some “the bravest woman in Afghanistan.”  Her autobiographical book is called A Woman Among Warlords.


  1. She is such an incredible person. What an honor that she came to Minneapolis to speak. I ‘m glad others can listen to her talk. I finished her book “Woman Among Warlords” and found it very informative. I’m getting copies to send to my friends/family who are teachers. It is a good book for young adults as well as adults. She writes of the history of Afghanistan and gets to the specifics of the warlords and names them who are in Gov office and Parliament.


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