Facts about Afghanistan

87% of women are illiterate
30% of girls have access to education
1 in 3 women experience violence (sexual, physical, psychological)
70-80% of women faced forced marriages
Every 30 minutes a woman dies in childbirth

Source: UN, Coordination of Human Affairs Office

Population: 28.4 million

Life Expectancy: 44.6 years

Child Mortality: 15.6%

This information is from the Hagar website. Hagar is an international organization committed to the recovery, empowerment, and reintegration of women and children who have suffered human rights abuses.  In particular, Hagar serves women and children who are victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual exploitation.  Established in Cambodia in 1994, Hagar launched programming in both Afghanistan and Vietnam in 2009.

Information from Hagarusa.org

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