Speech on Libya at March 21, 2011 Rally by Linda Hoover

“Libya hasn’t done anything to the U.S.  They’re not a threat to our national security.  There’s been no aggression.  There’s no constitutional authority for a president to willy-nilly go and start placing no-fly zones in countries around the world.”  “The no fly zone is an act of war.” These are the words of Republican Congressman Ron Paul from Texas.

Meanwhile, Minnesota Democrats Amy Klobuchar, Al Franken and Keith Ellison support the U.S. invasion of Libya.  They, along with the  Obama administration are lying about  the logistics of the occupation and the intent of the occupation.  They claim to be bombing  to protect civilians.

NBC news made it clear yesterday, that the U.S. led the attack on Libyan air forces, and on Libyan ground forces. I will add that the U.S. bombs kill civilians.

Gaddafi has said the Libyan military and resistance will shown no mercy for the foreign invaders and the insurrection forces working  with the invaders.  The U.S.  propaganda machine has turned his statement into something that it wasn’t.  The U.S. claims that Gaddafi is not a target, but yesterday the U.S. bombed several targets where Gaddafi might have been, including his residential compound.  You might remember that the U.S. Air Force  killed one of his daughters in a1986 bombing attack.  The U.S., under the leadership of the militarist,  President Barak Obama, is lying to the American people.   Bush lied and people died. Obama lies and people die.

Let us be clear, that what is happening in Libya is a U.S. lead and NATO backed armed take over.  Libyan insurrectionary forces are playing a minor role. Today the U.S. says the occupation has no set ending. As early as February 25, it was reported that U.S. and British military forces were in eastern Libya.  I do not for how long they had been there.

Attacking Libya is part of the broader military agenda in the Middle East and Central Asia which aims to gain control and corporate ownership of over 60 percent of the world’s oil and natural gas, as well as the related pipelines.

Oil is the trophy of the  U.S.-NATO wars. Foreign oil countries operating in Libya  are from France, Italy, Britain, Spain, Germany, the  U.S. and China.

According  to Global Research in Canada, ”the military campaign directed against Libya  is intent upon excluding China from North Africa.”

The financial stakes as well as the “spoils of war” are extremely high.  The war is intent upon dismantling Libya’s financial  institutions as well as confiscating billions of dollars of Libyan financial assets deposited in Western banks.”  “ …the underlying objective is to take possession of Libya’s oil reserves, destabilize the National Oil Corporation and eventually privatize the country’s oil industry, moving control and ownership of Libya’s oil wealth into foreign hands.”  Wall Street, the Anglo-American oil giants, and the U.S. and European Union weapons producers are the main beneficiaries of a U.S.-NATO led military campaign directed against Libya.

Global Research also  argues that the U.S. intends to redraw the map of Africa, drawing new neo-colonial lines that favor the U.S.  Gaddafi’s crime is that he used Libyan oil revenues to raise the standard of living of the Libyan people to one of the highest in Africa.

This war has nothing to do with humanitarianism.  In 2001, former NATO Commander Wesley Clark said that the U.S. planned to go against seven countries.  The countries included Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and the Sudan. We know that Afghanistan was also on the U.S. agenda.

The U.S. is not able to hide the fact that what is happening in Libya is a U.S. led armed take-over.  Even members of  the Arab League are  now  saying the U.S. military is over-stepping what the Arab nations agreed to.

We stand in solidarity with the Libyan people who are fighting against a U.S. and NATO occupation of their country.  We call on the U.S. to end the war now. The Libyan’s have done nothing against us.  No further lives, Libyan, American or others should be lost so that U.S. oil and weapons producing companies can enrich themselves.  If the Libyan’s prefer to have their oil nationalized that it is there business.  The U.S. has no right to force Libya to privatize their oil industry and to transfer ownership of the Libyan oil industry into foreign hands, namely the hands of U.S. oil companies.

This is not  a humanitarian occupation of Libya.  According to an Al Jazeera article, prior to the bombing, the U.S. set up evacuation channels for Westerners.  If the military attacks were for humanitarian purposes, evacuation channels would have been available to Libyans and African foreign nationals.  They weren’t.  No effort was made to protect or to evacuate Libyan or other African civilians.  To Obama, Franken, Klobuchar, and Ellison, you along with others, are responsible for the blood of North African civilians flowing in Libyan streets. It is You who have lost your legitimacy to govern.

.Please join me in sending a message to the war mongers:

Bombs do not protect civilians………..stop the bombing now

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