I went to Madison on Saturday. What you didn’t see in the news

It was very incredible.  I felt like I was with other people who were in reality.   Sort of like the Matrix. I was with people who took Red pill of reality, and coming back to work would be with Blue pill takers.

Photo:  WAMM Member Ann Galloway and WAMM Director Kim Doss Smith hold a banner in front of the stage at Madison on March 12, 2011 before a crowd of at least 150,000.

We got home late Saturday and slept and got up and went back out to Hudson,WI for protest at 1 pm and connecting with people.

I taped the morning news show.  I didn’t’ see any mention of the farmers, and they barely mentioned what happened in WI.  Easily over 150,000.  At least 40 tractors  and 100’s of farmers.  There was more coverage of Michele Bachman talking to a Tea Party group of 50 and showing her ignorance of U.S. history, than there was of 150,000 plus people at the Madison Capitol and their incredible creative and often funny signs and very inspiring speakers.

Best part… the crowd chanting “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!.” They did it often and I wonder if that happened because of the teachers’ unions.

The farmer tractorcade and rally was the first thing of the day so it really stood out with the crowd chanting Thank You to the farmers.

I took lots of pictures and some video and hope to post later.

I heard an incredible speech by the Farmer Organizer.



This is only an eighth of the crowd. It was like this all the way around but this is one of the diagonal streets that runs into the capital. And the statue is near the sidewalk but up on stairs . . . so there are a lot of people and one of the stages behind the photographer.   There are eight streets that lead into the Capital Square.


Here is from one of the union sites.  You can hear the incredible speeches by the WI 14.  The video opens with a singer of Foo Fighters.  I could not see any of the stage except when I was walking around the capital at 9:30am.

The stairs leading up to the capital where the stage was filling up by 10 am. This Rally was at 3 pm.  At 11 am there was a Farmer Rally, then one at 1 pm with Susan Sarandon and others.

They announced at the 1 pm rally that the police said there were 100,000 to 150,000 people and the buses were still coming in for the big 300,000.

I couldn’t’ hear the speakers but I knew their voices because of the interviews when they were on MSNBC’s Ed Shultz and Rachel Maddow.


Here is a local Online News group called “The Uptake.”  They have been in Madison the whole four weeks.


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