Hallelujah, the 2010 WAMM Annual Report in Song

WAMM Annual Meeting, March 5, 2011

Composed and sung by Phyllis Goldin (with thanks to Leonard Cohen)

2010 and no accord, America still wields the sword

Afghanistan’s become our Waterloo

Bring home the troops, do it now, war is not a sacred cow

WAMM won’t let the double speakers fool you

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah

Tackling torture at the top, WAMM won’t let the focus drop

As sure as blood bonds me to you

Guantanemo’s a real disgrace, America has yet to face

It’s a cold and very broken hallelujah


“Law” in a chaotic land, Peter Erlinder learned that

Thrown in jail under Rwandan rule

Protests mounted, despots raved, in the end the jailers caved

From our lips WAMM drew a hallelujah


When will Palestine be free? Israel let it be

People with rights like me and you

Oppression is an ugly thing, as are divisions based on skin

WAMM bears witness to the cruel


The FBI hunts terrorists, suspects antiwar activists

Raids offices to find a clue

Our Tracy, Ahn and Sarah balk, jail threats if they refuse to talk

With courage they defend their freedoms too


We must not sit idly by, while megacorporations buy

The message and the media, it’s true

Al Franken defends free speech, he’s leaped into the stormy breech

Where WAMM has bravely ventured too


Meet for Peace in Powderhorn, it’s for love we all are born

While war demands our young to kill on cue

It’s strange that in this day and age, so many blinded by their rage

Unmindful what tenderness could do


WAMM on line to demonstrate, an end to bigotry and hate


WAMM’s working for a better day, when justice, dignity hold sway

And with each breath the world is kinder too

Hallelujah… Hallelujah…


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