17 Minnesotans participated in the Vets “Stand for Peace” (with 8 asterisked doing the Rosa Parks thing of following a higher law) which got them arrested. Janice and Melissa did not pay their $100 fine and will therefore continue to try to explain the higher law (including “necessity defense”) to the continuation of unjustified wars of aggression and war crimes to the DC authorities. This was an unbelievably fantastic result in such a short planning time. (Take a bow EVERYONE!! I also copy the four donors who made monetary contributions—which, by the way, completely covered the cost of our gas for the van and made it possible for us all to go.)
Some of the links to news coverage are below. Unfortunately our lamestream press fell down on the job again. I think this excellent article
(http://tpjmagazine.us/faulkner80) tells our current situation quite well. We are living that barricades scene in “Les Miserables” but we don’t know quite yet how the book will end! We need many, many more “mere mortals” to write, speak and sing out publicly if we want it to end well. If the newspapers and politicians were flooded with letters and op-eds and just calling in our righteous outrage, they might decide they have chosen wrongly to stand with the powerful but corrupt military industrial elites.

(Toni Radmann has already drafted a beautiful op-ed about the DC protest where she blends in the experience of having met a young girl at the train station who was recruited to fight in Afghanistan so she could get health insurance for her sick mother.) We all need to write down our thoughts and then submit them to be published publicly.
Steve McKeown*

Jack Neis*

Gerald Ganann*

Barry Riesch*

Coleen Rowley*

Melissa Hill*

Janice Ward*

Camille Lenling*

Molly Culligan

Bruce Berry

Bob Heberle

Bob Palmer

Charlie Bloss

Anne Bellamy

Kevin Ray Smith

Toni Radmann

Wayne Wittman

[youtube http://youtube.com/w/?v=tOde31QYbI0&feature=player_embedded#!]
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  1. Steve Clemens December 19, 2010 at 3:59 PM

    I’m glad to see our state was well represented. Thanks to all who participated.

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