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As you know, the telecommunications industry giants are threatening net neutrality. If their proposals are made into law, there will be a two-tier internet: an information superhighway for big biz, back roads to bump along on for We the People. Such an arrangement will severely curtail the ability of activists like ourselves to communicate openly and freely on the internet. Especially at risk is Evergreene Digest and it’s fellow websites in what I call the progressive media: AlterNet, Consortium, TruthDig, Axis of Logic, Twin Cities Daily Planet, etc. These are media outlets that have dared to challenge the conventional, corporate, and increasingly embedded media by producing high-quality journalism that treats women, communities of color, working people and other groups ignored by the mainstream media as legitimate audiences, sources and subjects for the news.

The FCC needs to hear from you!  Go to and

Background information:

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  • Google-Verizon Deal: The End of The Internet as We Know It
  • Hightower: Big biz wants to own the information superhighway while We the People bump along the backroads
  • Progressive Media – Including Evergreene Digest – Needs Your Help

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  • Since when is it the place of special interest corporations to determine what public policy should be?
  • Tell Google: Don’t be evil

Opposing net neutrality is a lobbying juggernaut that seeks to destroy this openness so that phone and cable companies can rebuild the Internet as a gated community that pads their bottom line. They’ve had their say inside the Beltway, but the FCC needs to hear from the rest of us. Urge the FCC to protect Internet users, pass real Net Neutrality rules, and connect everyone to fast, affordable broadband service.

Net Neutrality is the First Amendment issue of our time. Free speech in America is at risk if we stand back and let “four or five mega-corporations effectively control the flow of information.” The world is changing, and increasingly, having access to the Internet and knowing how to use it determines who stands to benefit from the new economy, and who is left behind.

The FCC needs to hear from you!  Go to and

Updated August 25, 2010 by editorial committee of WAMMToday.

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    Meeting video, excerpts and interviews with participants are available on the UpTake. Link:

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