by Polly Mann

Many of us of the “older generation” of undefined  ages are addicted to the printed page.  For current news give us the newspaper – that Is the newspaper as it once was.  Not the metropolitan daily publication of today which has changed its focus from nation to state with national or international news relegated to page eight or nine. What we want is a newspaper which carries international news on its front page and possibly even supports a foreign correspondent and also brings us news from all over the nation. There are a few left,  such as The New York Times which I once subscribed to.

Today, however in lieu of the Times I read The Guardian Weekly which comes to me from Bellmawr, New Jersey.  Granted it is  news from a British viewpoint but much pertains to the United States. For example, in its edition of July 23-29 there was a lengthy article about Ed Pilkington, the quixotic unemployed 32-year old African American army veteran from South Carolina  who is running for the U.S. Senate.

In that same issue was the answer to a question which has puzzled me recently.  Why has the price of  chocolate candy bars escalated so quickly?  Let the Great Hunger Lottery report of The World Development Movement inform you:  “.‘risky and secretive’ bets on food prices have exacerbated the effect of bad harvests in recent years. . . Investment banks such as Goldman Sachs are making huge profits by gambling on the price of everyday foods. . . Nobody benefits from this reckless gambling except City wheeler-dealers.  Consumers suffer because it pushes up inflation . . . and the world’s poorest suffer because basic foods become unaffordable.”

In another article appears a quotation from Matt Taibbi’s profile describing the world’s number one investment bank, Goldman Sachs:  “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”  The writer then mentions the $550 million fine assessed against Goldman Sachs:  “$550 million is as much as the bank takes in trading revenue in just one week.  And it is a tiny sliver of the $166 billion it paid in bonuses to its bankers last year . . .   Cut through all the fancy terminology and this was an old-fashioned fraud case.”

Ah! Free Market!!!    Ah! Globalization !!!!    Ah!  Capitalism!!!!

By Published On: August 2nd, 2010Comments Off on PRINTING PRESS VERSUS COMPUTER

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